Direction & Scenic Design......Dane Eissler

Clown Clown & Costume/Lighting Design......Thomas Wynne

Sound Design......Daniella Wheelock

Stage Management......Daniella Wheelock & Nati Via

Featuring Tyler Garamella, Meghan Morris, and Dane Eissler

Produced by A Dead Whale Productions

Originally developed by Tyler Garamella, Gilly Guire, Dane Eissler, Daniella Wheelock, and Thomas Wynne

Chicago's favorite unknown late-night talk show hosts Slather & Gibbs are on the loose and are ready to tease, lampoon, and troll their way through the late-night talk show genre in this gritty and gleeful inquisition of our saturated media culture’s affinity for saviorism. Featuring special guests like music-comedy duo Evan & Mary Jane, comedians KJ Whitehead and Chrissi Rose Hartigan, performance artist Devin Sanclemente, and Jessica Lauren Scott and her vagina puppet Olipia, this grotesque clown talk-show will have you grinning, grimacing, and gobsmacked. Following the successful workshop run (previously titled "Bouff'honestly Though!"), The Slather & Gibbs Show toured to Mt. Carmel, IL and enjoyed a primetime slot at Chicago's legendary Annoyance Theatre.

Photos: Thomas Wynne, Nathan Oelker, and Gilly Guire