"Out director comes home"

Cameron Kelsall,

Philadelphia Gay News

Kelsall interviews Dane on his background, the formative Chicago years, and his return to Philadelphia.

Depp Impact:

Ed Wood

Hosted by Jenna Kuerzi

Dane joins Jenna to discuss the beautiful Bunny Beckinridge, Tim Burton's muses, and how earnest (and queer!) this black and (pretty decidedly) white movie is.

This Film Is Not Yet Created: Rocky & Bullwinkle 2

Hosted by Steve Grande & Chris Rivas

Steve and Chris invite Dane to discuss one of the worst adaptations ever made, and read through potential ideas for an even worse sequel.

Depp Impact:

Gonzo: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson

Hosted by Jenna Kuerzi

Dane joins Jenna for a two-part Gonzo fest to discuss the strange and beautiful legacy of HST. They talk gateways to counter culture, the multiple sides of Hunter, and why J. Depp spent 3 million dollars on Hunter's funeral.

Depp Impact:

For No Good Reason

Hosted by Jenna Kuerzi

Dane joins Jenna for the second installment of their Gonzo fest to discuss the incomparable artist and collaborator of Thompson, Ralph Steadman (one of Dane's artistic heroes).

"‘Underground’ brings Dostoevsky to pandemic-era Philadelphia"

Peter Crimmins, WHYY

Damien [J. Wallace] and Dane discuss their adaptation of Dostoyevsky's reclusive classic, and its relevance to our secluded age of information and the protests - and bombings - that inspired it.