Direction......John Clancy

Scenic Design......Doug Greene

Costume Design......Jamie Grace-Duff

Lighting Design......Matt Sharpe

Puppet Design......Aaron Cromie

Fight Choreography......Brett Cassidy

Stage Management......Kelly Shaffer Allen

Featuring Johnny Smith, Leslie Berkowitz-Zak, Nathan Foley, Jordi Wallen, Sarah Schol, Dane Eissler, Frankie Gallucci, and Lana Brucker

with the Last Plot Band:

Rachel Icenogle, Sarah Larsen, and Peter Gaffney

Produced by B.R.A.T. Productions

Dinner theatre like you've never experienced it before, The Last Plot in Revenge is a spaghetti western, dinner theatre, musical with BRAT's signature twists of mixing genres, surprising collaborations and rock star talent. In Revenge, Montana, a land where the wild rule, the whiskey runs, and the whores are tired, there is only one cemetery plot left in the whole town. Let the Scrapfields and the MacGruels duke it out, because when the Nameless Gunman enters, who knows who will be left standing? After all, revenge is a dish best served with a plate of spaghetti.

Check out the Original Cast Recording of Last Plot on Soundcloud

(and be sure to listen to Dane's Waits-ian solo, "Crooning the Slow Poison")