Direction......Damien J. Wallace & Lane Savadove

Production Design......Dane Eissler

Sound Design & Engineering......Chris Sannino

Stage Management......Jamel Baker & Elizabeth Meisenzahl

Site Management......Glynnis Nadel & Matthew Ortiz

Associate Stage Management......Abby Weissman

Associate Site Management......Jordan Chester

Featuring Melanie Julian, Karen Vicks, & Cathy Simpson

Produced at EgoPo Classic Theater

This socially-distanced, radically intimate performance took place between a single audience member and a single actor through a closed window of a private home in one of three locations across the city. Audience members would take their seat, put on headphones, and watch as the blinds slowly rise to reveal a woman inside, rocking in her rocker. Her thoughts, in the form of Beckett’s text, entered directly into their ears, allowing their minds and hers to merge. In EgoPo’s intensely intimate version of this famed avant-garde classic, solo audience members witness a haunting and hypnotic ten-minute journey of birth, death, and isolation.

Photos: Kylie Westerbeck

Passyunk Crossing

East Oak Lane

Point Breeze