Direction/Choreography......Katie Kiessling

Production Design......Dane Eissler

Lighting Design......Meghan Erxleben

Original Song Composition......Brittany Flynn & Charlie Kaplan

Stage Management......Sara Mitchell

Production Management......Storm Hooten

Based on original direction and choreography by Dane Eissler and Steven Clair. Original cast included Dane Eissler, Savannah Bruno, Allie Fogle, Jacqueline Spence, and Emily McHale at Rowan University's Lab Theater.

Featuring Dane Eissler, Renee Lynn Jackson, Alice Gehrke, and Peyton Storz

Produced by A Dead Whale Productions

Stuck in his hopelessly romantic and relentlessly child-like imagination, a naïve mortician's assistant's cozy little world is flipped upside down when he falls madly in love… with a corpse. Peter is forced to elope with his rotting beloved in an attempt to escape his romance’s inevitable conclusion. Set to the best love songs of the 60's, this madcap children's show for adults explores infatuation, obsession, and price we pay when we impose our fantasies on others... and on ourselves.

Photos: Joseph Lim