Direction & Production Design......Dane Eissler

Lighting Design......Meghan Erxleben

Sound Design......Krystal Dawson

Assistant Direction & Shadow Puppetry Design......Sara Mitchell

Stage Management......Joseph Wesolowski

Featuring Nati Via, Brandon Nelson, Elizabeth McAnulty Quilter, Olivia Frisch, Joshua Bomba, & Hannah Simpson

Produced by A Dead Whale Productions

A naive but determined rat-detective scours the shadowy sewers to solve a murder. The sewer has never been in such disarray as the regular waves of food-scraps from the closed Hog’sBelly chain restaurant have stopped flowing into the sewer, leaving the now-civilized rat-citizens desperate... and hungry. With no other options, the rats turn to a mysterious and powerful figure of the shadows for help. It becomes a race against the clock to save the sewer from its own gnarly animal instincts. A playfully dark mix of film noir and fable, Hog’sBelly dissects the destructive power of fear and hate.

Photos: Joseph Kim