Direction......Lane Savadove & Dane Eissler

Composition & Music Direction......Jay Ansill

Set Design......Dirk Durossette

Costume Co-Design......Jamie Grace-Duff & Dane Eissler

Lighting Design......Bob Thorpe

Stage Management......Abby Leyh

Assistant Stage Management......Jordan Chester & Lisa Ribinsky

Featuring Caitlin Ablaza, Caitlin Alvarez, Matt Basen, Nathan Benson, Michael Buck, Elizabeth Darrell, Brian Gensel, Mike Grubb, Kyle Jacobus, Nicola Jean, Raven Lanuza-Brown, Aidan McDonald, Maggie O'Connor, Robin Purtell, Maddy Roberts, Claire Robinson, Adriana Santilli, Chelsea Sharp, Zach Valdez, & Kylie Westerbeck

Produced by the Rowan University Dept. of Theatre & Dance

The work of Samuel Beckett is known for its existential dread and seemingly pessimistic view of the world. In this evening of 8-10 short Samuel Beckett pieces, the opposite is explored: maybe Beckett's work celebrates every microscopic feeling of the human experience with bitter humor and love. Guest Artist, Dane Eissler directs Act Without Words I, Catastrophe, Play, and the prose piece The Lost Ones, while Rowan Faculty & Artistic Director of EgoPo Classic Theater, Lane Savadove directs Act Without Words II, Come and Go, Not I, and the prose piece One Evening.

Photos: Kevin Monko

Act Without Words I



The Lost Ones