Direction......Lane Savadove

Fight Direction......Curt Foy

Production Design......Dane Eissler

Stage Management & Production Assistance......Matt Basen

Featuring Rob Tucker, Nick Ware, Kerry Jules, & Charlie Barney

Produced by EgoPo Classic Theater & the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival

Candy Delaney is a "New Orleans queen" approaching her dreaded 35th birthday. While Candy is looking for romance, her newest pickup, Karl, is looking for his next drink. This immersive set invited audience's into Candy's magical lair for a glass of champagne and a glimpse of Tennessee Williams' stunning portrait of unrequited love. Performed as part of the Philly Fringe and then toured to Provincetown.

"I knew Tennessee. He would have loved this."

-Golden Globe-winner Kathleen Turner

"More than worthwhile—for fans of American midcentury drama, Sad Stories is a must.

Especially when given the exceptional production it gets here from the EgoPo team."

-Reclining Standards

Photos: Nate Gowdy