Foley Sound Effects......Logan Connor

Live Music......The Whiskey Radio Band (Brad Brubaker, Logan Conner, & John Szymanski)

Recording......John Szymanski

Featuring Colin Hanson, Devin Sanclemente, & Katie Verde

Presented by The Whiskey Rebellion Theatre

Once famous for his incredible farting routines, Joseph Pujol (aka The Fartist) has retired following an embarrassing and career-"shat"-ering mishap onstage. How quickly ones world can be flipped upside down... yet Joseph had no idea about rock bottom until he woke up one day without his bottom! It's a race against the clock to find his asshole before he inflates with gas and destroys his city - and his reputation. A bombastic blend of Nikolai Gogol's The Nose and the real life vaudeville artist known as Le Petomane, this radio play was presented by The Whiskey Rebellion Theatre with live foley.

Listen to A Foul Day for the Fartist

on Episode 11 of The Whiskey Radio Hour

Photos: Oomphotography