Photo: Kylie Westerbeck

"...cleverly visceral, vulgar, and delicious... like 70s vintage porn, it's big, hairy, and always gets you off."

--Paule "Duchess" Turner

Dane Eissler is a cis-male bisexual director, writer, performer, teacher, and visual artist based in Chicago.

Frequently working in both Chicago and Philadelphia, he creates new theatrical works (Forever Fetal, I Love You Jane Doe), as well as adaptations of classic plays and literature (Beckett’s The Lost Ones, Gogol’s The Nose, Poe’s Pym).

With EgoPo Classic Theater, he co-directed the Philadelphia premier of Stairs to the Roof, played Medvedenko in The Seagull (Barrymore Award, Best Ensemble), associate directed John Guare’s The Lydie Breeze Trilogy, and helped remount their immersive sensory adaptation of Beckett’s Company at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival.

In Chicago, Dane has worked with Theatre-Hikes, Living Room Vauntgardia, Rough House, Women of the Now, The Whiskey Rebellion Theatre, and Windy City Performs.

Dane is co-founder and artistic director of A Dead Whale Productions.

"One of those next generation performers/creators who is taking the artform forward into beautifully fun and freaky territory."

--Obie-winner, John Clancy