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21 December 2019 - Queens was a success in both Philly and Provincetown (Kathleen Turner adored it), and Buried Child was a big success, and a powerful opener to EgoPo's season dedicated to the late, great Sam Shepard. Hard at work producing our next two shows - Fool for Love and Curse of the Starving Class - while adapting a captivating novel by a certain renown European author with a familiar EgoPo face... more on that soon... it's been a rewarding year in my new position. While I miss Chicago, I've faced new challenges that continuously grow me into a stronger and more adventurous artist. Very grateful. Happy holidays, and here's to an even riskier and brilliant 2020!

6 September 2019 - Started a new job as Associate Producer at EgoPo Classic Theater. Just last night, opened Tennessee Williams' And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens... as part of Philadelphia's Fringe Festival, which I production designed, before touring to Provincetown for their 14th annual Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, co-produced by EgoPo Classic Theater and the Provincetown TW Fest. Pre-production for Sam Shepard's Buried Child, which I will be directing, has begun, and will run October 23 through November 10th. Go to egopo.org for more information!

10 May 2019 - Just returned from a deeply humbling weekend in Mount Carmel, IL with The Slather & Gibbs Show. Special thanks to John Clancy and Little Pharaoh Enterprises for presenting us. Next up: The Slather & Gibbs Show at The Annoyance Mainstage! Also, some big news coming in June. Stay tuned!

9 February 2019 - Working on A Dead Whale's third season, super cool puppets for Windy City Performs' Youth Production of Little Shop of Horrors, and a musical adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, simply called: PYM.

1 January 2019 - Updated website is released. Stay tuned for official updates including performances, productions, etc.